Message from President

The words of Mark 10:42-45 are so important as we head into 2021. As we start to gather our people back together again we need to remember that many of them are coming out of a very difficult year as they attempted to manage work, finances, and relationship challenges.  As Pastors and leaders we need to remember we are there to serve our people.  We are to serve them…we are to add faith & hope & favour (and even skill) into some of the areas they have been struggling in…and we are to lift them up in 2021.

At the end of last year our State Executive team agreed upon four strategic initiatives we believe God is highlighting for us that we are to implement over 2021 & 2022. They are four areas we want to be emphasised across all areas of our movement in NSW and the ACT…

  • Church Planting – We have a goal of planting 20 or more churches each year, so, if you feel God is stirring you to plant a church I encourage you to get in contact with our Church Planting team
  • Indigenous Initiative – I believe we need to bring more awareness to this area in a much broader and wider way into our communities. I am also passionate about raising up more Indigenous Pastors across our churches and new church plants.
  • Young Leaders – We need more young people being raised up across our movement who see and value the ministry of spheres (education, sciences, health, and medicine)
  • Discipleship – One of the greatest lessons we have learnt through Covid is that just gathering people on a Sunday doesn’t produce disciples.  We want to help, train, and equip you to learn how to make disciples that make other disciples

I’m looking forward to the year ahead, and I pray it will be one of the best years you’ve experienced in your church and community. Also…I’m looking forward to actually seeing you in person at some point throughout the year!

God bless,

Paul Bartlett

Paul Bartlett
NSW & ACT President
Australian Christian Churches