On 16 August 2021, the ACT Government announced that the ACT will extend the current lockdown until 2 September 2021. To support this, Public Health (Lockdown Restrictions) Emergency Direction 2021 (No 3) (the Direction) came into effect from 12:00pm on Wednesday 18 August 2021.


During lockdown, Canberrans are only allowed to leave their home for a limited number of essential reasons. These essential reasons are:

a.           to obtain food or other essential goods or services;

b.           to obtain essential health care;

c.            to undertake a COVID-19 test or receive a scheduled COVID-19 vaccination;

d.           to engage in physical activity in an outdoor space:

                                      i.          for no more than 1 hour per day; and

                                     ii.           either:

A.          on their own, or

B.           with 1 other adult who is not a member of the same household; or

C.           with members from the same household;

e.           to perform essential work;

f.             to donate biological material at a blood bank or other similar donation facility;

g.           for essential animal welfare purposes.


What this means for Places of Worship

In line with the current public health directions, below is information specific to your industry:

•You are not permitted to hold in-person gatherings.

•You may live stream or broadcast a service with the following people:

•the person conducting the service,

•a camera operator, and

•an Auslan interpreter.

•The people conducting the live stream must wear a face mask and ensure social distancing of 1.5m is in place.

Note: the person conducting the service may remove their face mask during the conducting of the service

More information

• visit

•call the Access Canberra Business Liaison Team on (02) 6205 0900

• read the current ACT Public Health Directions

It is critical that you continue to meet the requirements of the Public Health Directions as we respond to the evolving COVID-19 situation.


Find out more about the COVID-19 areas of concern.


Thursday, 1 July 2021

ACT UPDATE: Changes to Check In CBR

Changes have been made to the Public Health Directions to expand the use of Check In CBR in the ACT.

From 11.59 pm 1 July 2021, the 15-minute minimum period across all businesses using Check In CBR will be removed. This means all people aged 16 years and older must check in immediately upon entering a registered premises or vehicle – regardless of how long they are planning on spending in a premises or vehicle.

Check In CBR is also being extended to other businesses to keep Canberra safe and strong.

Check In CBR is already mandatory for restricted businesses and venues. It will now become mandatory for: 

  • all retail settings, including supermarkets
  • public transport, and
  • taxi and rideshare transport facilities.

Businesses will have until 12:00pm on 15 July 2021 to implement the new requirements.

Retail settings include supermarkets, petrol stations, takeaway services, clothing stores and departments stories. Transport services include buses, light rail, taxis, uber and other rideshare services.

Information about your responsibilities, how to register for a Check In CBR QR code, and how encourage patrons, staff and customers to use Check In CBR will be available on:



Current Alerts

(AS AT 7 APRIL 2021)
(information will be updated as it becomes available)


ACT has eased travel restrictions from Greater Brisbane.

Public Health requirements remain in place for people who have been to identified exposure sites in QLD and NSW.

If you are now in the ACT and have been in an exposure site, you may need to quarantine, get tested and self-isolate.

Find out more about the COVID-19 areas of concern.

Changes to Public Health Directions – Places of Worship

The ACT Chief Health Officer Dr Kerryn Coleman announced a new set of COVID normal restrictions under Canberra’s recovery plan taking effect at 9am on Saturday 20 February 2021.

It is likely that these incoming restrictions will remain unchanged for the next few months, subject to the COVID-19 situation remaining stable and will support the new COVID normal for the ACT.

What is changing

Occupancy Levels – there will be two options

·       Option 1: 25 people (excluding staff) across the whole venue. 


·       Option 2: One person per two square metres of usable space in each indoor and outdoor space (excluding staff).

What is changing for Places of Worship

  • The use of the Check In CBR app will be mandatory for use by all places of worship. 
    • There will also be a requirement on patron attending places of worship to sign in using the Check In CBR app.
  • You will have until 6 March 2021 to register and be using the app.
  • You will be required to take reasonable steps to ensure all attendees aged 16 years and over check in. 
    • What this means in practice will be specific to your business, but it may include active monitoring of points of entry, requesting to see the tick from a patron, clear signage or messaging to customers of the need to check in. 
    • Frequently asked questions will be developed and published on the ACT’s COVID-19 website. These will continue to be updated based on feedback received.   
  • A new function in the app has been developed to assist you and your patrons to comply with the new requirements.  
    • This will allow venues to check in patrons who don’t have a smartphone or who are unable to do so themselves, removing the need for any pen and paper records.

The Check In CBR app is free, secure and convenient and enables ACT Health to quickly access patron information to quickly alert people who may have been in contact with a person with COVID-19 if required. 

Why is the Check In CBR app mandatory?

Check In CBR app is free, easy and secure to implement and importantly, provides the ability to quickly and accurately contact trace should there be a new reported case or outbreak in the ACT.

Mandating the Check In CBR app provides assurances to support this level of easing of restrictions throughout the ACT, and enables the move to a COVID-normal for our community and business.

What will stay the same

·       Signage – All places of worship must clearly display their occupancy allowance at the entrance.

o   Updated signage is available here.

·       COVID Safety Plan – You must continue to follow your COVID Safety Plan. It is important that COVID Safety Plans are reviewed and updated regularly, to reflect changes in restrictions and/or your business.

Note: COVID-19 safety plans must be available for inspection by an authorised officer – it is strongly recommended all venues keep them readily accessible at their sites.

Further information:

·       Further information is available on the ACT Government’s website

·       The updated Public Health Direction can be found –

·       The Access Canberra Business Liaison Team is available to answer questions or provide advice. Reach the team on (02) 6205 0900.

  • The Access Canberra Business Liaison Team is available to answer questions or provide advice. Reach the team on (02) 6205 0900.

Your ongoing cooperation and proactive compliance with the Public Health Direction is greatly appreciated as we work to support our community’s safety and Canberra’s recovery from COVID-19.

Updated 20 February 2021