With all we have been facing over this last month (and for some who have also faced drought, bushfires and floods), we need to consider our mental health, especially as we are also helping many around us to navigate through this pandemic

With this in mind, the NSW/ACT Pastoral Health team wants you to know about our Pastoral Health Support Initiative.  Our heart for you, as Pastors, is to move through this season of change and come out the other side feeling healthy and well supported.  A State Pastoral or Regional Team member will contact you soon, to check in and see how you are travelling

In addition to this, we are also making available, to every credentialed pastor one (1) free mentoring or supervision debrief session, free of charge.  If you would like to find out more, please access our website to view the team of Supervisors & Mentors click here.  Then, simply contact that person and set up a time to connect

If you don’t already have a professional supervisor, I would strongly encourage you to take this great opportunity – we are confident that a session like this, will help your spiritual and emotional health and provide tools for you to lead well and move through this challenging time

I have also attached information regarding a service called “Victorious Minds”. They are professional psychologists, experienced in helping Pastors and leaders through challenges and trauma. Generously, they have also offered to help support to our ACC Credentialed Pastors (fully covered by Medicare, so no out-of-pocket expenses for you) click here

Chaplaincy Australia is also available to provide assistance to churches that are looking to upskill their pastoral care teams, with professional development, online. Contact Susan Marcuccio at Chaplaincy Australia to find out more click here