ACC Pastors Health

The ACC New South Wales State Executive is passionate about seeing healthy pastors and leaders. We believe healthy pastors and leaders create healthy families churches and communities.

Being a pastor or leader of a church has always been a challenging vocation, however there are a number of issues in our modern world that are making good men and women feel unsustainable in their pastor or leadership roles. Senior leaders face a complexity of roles cultural pressures and lack of margin for self-care.


My name is Roz Zaia, I am on the State Executive team and I oversee Pastors Health. We are offering three strategies to keep you emotionally healthy:

  • A visit from our State Pastoral Team
  • Mentoring
  • Supervision

Please read the information below, listen to the videos, meet our leaders, read the testimonials and contact us.

Here’s to finishing the race strong.

Pastor Roz Zaia

State Pastoral team

The State Pastoral Team is made up of married couples and individuals who have had life experience, fruitful ministries and leadership roles in ACC. These couples create a safe place where senior leaders and their partners, over a meal or coffee, can share honestly about life, leadership, family, failures and successes. A pastoral couple has been appointed to each region.

Caleb and Renee Dwyer oversee this team – check out their video here:

Contact Caleb and Renee via the following email addresses:

Pastors’ Health Hotline

We know this last season has been a challenge, so as a State Executive we wanted to invest in your emotional and spiritual health.
So, with this in mind, we have set up a Pastors’ Health Hotline (PHH). If you call this number 02 4075 2710 , Ps Marilyn Brett will be available to talk to you and help you find the right support. Marilyn is a coach, mentor and has pastored  along with her husband for 35 years.
Perhaps you need a debrief, a pastoral visit, information about counselling, supervision or mentoring – we want to help you find the best way forward.
Put this number in your phone, on your fridge or share it with a friend .
We love you, we believe in you and we know that when we have a safe place to talk, we stay healthy.

02 4075 2710





The New South Wales State Executive are committed to our leaders, so we have developed a mentoring program for our pastors. Sometimes we can get stuck in an area of our life and, with a mentor’s guidance, we can unlock that area which brings benefit to ourselves and all those around us.

Mentoring is an opportunity for an individual to meet with someone who has wisdom and experience, and it provides a safe, supportive environment for personal and professional growth and development. It is predominately about finding a good relational mentoring match that assists the individual to gain insight into their current situations and work together to reach the goals of the individual.  Our mentors will work with pastors and leaders from a holistic approach, looking at spiritual, emotional and mental health, and with a focus on sustainable leadership. The first session is free, allowing you time to decide whether it is the right fit for both of you.Following this you can sign up for six sessions of approx. 1 hour per session, at the cost of $50 per session.

Meet Kate Mole who oversees our Mentoring Program (click to view video right).


You can contact Kate at and she will help find the right mentor for you.


Mentoring to us has helped our personal and leadership growth. It’s important to have a safe place to share and work through areas in your life that are causing frustration or challenge. We feel mentoring has helped our marriage and family life as we talk through everyday life situations and by setting goals regularly to continue to grow. It had also helped us practically in our ministry journey to grow and work towards achieving goals that our mentor keeps us on track with. Mentoring has been very valuable to us as a couple and as leaders.

Jason and Angela Mitchell
Generocity Church


Professional Supervision (Pastoral) provides a safe, confidential space for pastors and leaders to discuss what’s happening in their ministry with someone who is trained to provide this support.  It follows the Biblical principle of discipleship and having partners in ministry, which is modelled by Jesus in Matthew 6: 6, 7, 30-32, providing encouragement, accountability and time out to rest and reflect. Supervision provides personal and professional development, helps people to gain perspective, identify their core values and to understand more about themselves and why they respond or react the way they do. Supervision assists people to thrive in leadership and ministry, stay in their calling, do what they love to do, make good choices, have good boundaries and practice holistic self-care. The great flow on effect of this is the health of our families and churches.

Meet Susan Marcuccio who oversees our Supervisors (click to view video right).


For more information please contact Susan Marcuccio at


“During my 30+ years of pastoral ministry, I have experienced celebrations, challenges, wonder, disbelief and a whole lot more. As I reflect on those years I am very thankful to the network of ministry colleagues and the opportunity for rich pastoral conversations.  Consequently, I was hesitant to engage in Pastoral Supervision. I didn’t think I needed it or wanted it. I walked into my first session guarded and doubtful of the benefit.   

Three years later supervision has become the regular intentional space where I reflect on my ministry practice. The supervisory process has enabled me to “see” ministry with fresh eyes, gain valuable insight and perspective by uncovering the wealth of wisdom that lies within. I love the “ah-ha” moments, being stretched beyond my usual pattern of thinking and leaving the session refreshed, ready to continue loving, leading and serving in ministry”

Ps Margot McCrindle
ACC Pastor