Church Planting

Our Mission

We are here to champion the church in your heart. We believe that life-giving, innovative church plants positioned to start strong and thrive is our future. We will provide relationship, resource, training and financial support to position you and the church in your heart for your God appointed future.

Starting Strong

The Planting Pathways program is designed to give you the training, resourcing, funding and support you need to start strong.

Planting Pathways is a four step process that helps you build your launch team, raise funds, form a worship team, develop your children’s ministry, gain momentum, and so much more!

This approach to church planting in NSW is not the only way to plant a church. Churches can and will continue to plant churches in a variety of ways. We are believing that this strategic approach will strengthen church planting and empower church planters for a fruitful season ahead.

Step 1: Introduction

Complete a series of free Arc Church Planting online video sessions, covering 8 key topics that will help guide you through the early stages of Church Planting and set you up for a successful launch. Click here to watch now!

Step 2: Advanced Training

Delivered face-to-face, the 1 day training day covers seven “How-To’s”, equipping you with the tools you need to plant and grow a vibrant, life-giving church. You’ll be able to get all your questions answered as you hear from successful church planters who are on the ground doing it today.

Step 3: Assessment

Here is where we ask that all important question: Do you have what it takes to launch a life-giving church? We will spend time with you and your spouse and provide honest feedback as your calling, gifts, strengths and strategies for church planting are considered.

Step 4: Launch

The Church Planting Team will help you build momentum through coaching and financial support. In the final stages of your Church Planting Pathway, you will have connection with existing church planters to help guide and mentor you in the process.

Your Next Steps

  1. Contact Chris Smith at to get you started on your journey.
  2. We will set up your first Skype meeting with Ps Darren Bonnell and you will begin your Planting Pathways training. These meetings will be ongoing during the Pathways training and post-launch to support you through the journey.
  3. Identify your Regional Leader here and complete the Proposed New Church Form.
  4. Contact your Regional Leader and set up a meeting to work through the Proposed New Church Form and have it endorsed.

Church Planting Stream

LIVE with Ps Darren Bonnell and Tim Piesse. “How to build a discipleship culture. How to shape discipleship in a church plant and shift it in an established church.”


If this interview resonates with you and you would like further information, please contact us here to discuss ways we can help you and your teams re-imagine discipleship.

Ps Darren Bonnell
Ps Darren Bonnell
ACCNSW Church Planting State Leader

(02) 6765 6694
PO Box 5087,
Tamworth NSW 2340
Chris Smith
Chris Smith
Church Planting State Coordinator

ACC Church Planting Upcoming Events

31 Oct - 01 Nov 22
Starting Strong Church Planting Training
Day 1: 12:00 pm - 4:30 pm. Day 2: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Alphacrucis College
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