Parent Information

Port Panthers – Renaissance Room.  Entry via lift/stairs through Port Panthers main foyer. 

Age Group
3 years (toilet trained) to 5 years (at Preschool)

Our program opens 30 minutes before the conference session begins, please pick up your child within 30 minutes of conference session ending.

General Information

Drop off
From 9am mornings, 5:30pm Mon and 5pm Tues-Thurs evenings

Pick up
Within 20 minutes of conference session ending

What to bring
Snacks clearly labelled with child’s name for day sessions. We will provide dinner for evening sessions. (no products containing nuts or traces of nuts)

Please send your child/ren in comfortable clothes that can get dirty for day sessions.

Tuesday AM: Teddy Bear Picnic day (bring a teddy)
Wednesday AM: Sensory day
Thursday AM: Into the Wild

Evening sessions will aim to be quiet and settle children for bed.

If your child brings any toys, drink bottles or sensory calming devices with them, they must be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

We will aim to be quiet in the evening sessions, to settle your children for bed. Please be aware that we may not have the expertise to assist your child, and may require a parent/ carer to stay with a child with additional needs.

Please ensure we are able to contact you easily at any time during the program.