South Coast

The South Coast District runs from Helensburgh to Eden, covering regional centres and coastal communities in one of the most beautiful regions of Australia. We really are privileged to serve in this area, not only due to the natural beauty but also the open-hearted enthusiasm of our Churches in connecting with each other and their communities.

There are thirteen Churches in all shapes and sizes focused on presenting Christ to those who don’t yet know Him, and connecting together to build strength and share ideas.

Our Churches are actively engaged in community service and experimenting with innovative forms of mission. It’s a great community of Churches to be part of!

Ps Benaiah Halliday
Regional Leader

(02) 4423 1756
Libby Poulton
Regional Secretary

PO Box 887
Nowra NSW 2541

South Coast Upcoming Events

No events - please contact the regional secretary for more information.