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We don't need to wait for God to do more before we get started. The Harvest is here! So what are our roadblocks? How do we re-think church so we're mobilised?

Expect to be refreshed, as we throw off the old and embrace the new! God is working in our nation and our movement. Creativity and innovation is being unleashed in hearts and minds as we persevere to reach the Harvest that’s just outside our doors. Raise your expectations, lift your eyes to the horizon and prepare for HARVEST. 

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Gender, Sexuality and the Sexual Gospel 

Hosted by Pastor Nikki Dent, this stream will look at what the Bible says about gender identity and sexuality, and how we can communicate the sexual Gospel intelligently and compassionately in a complex world. The session will include a teaching from Nikki, hearing from a panel of pastors, followed by a time of prayer ministry over leaders seeking to minister the love and truth of Christ in their churches and communities.

Governance made simple

Join Mindy Newsome, Jeff Barlett and Chris Smith in an engaging discussion that will help you create a simple framework to govern church in the new era.   A look at legal changes, social trends and essential governance pillars.  The goal is to keep it simple, empowering you to go back to your congregations with a strategy for strong, accountable and safeguarded churches.

Small Church…
Big Influence…

How do we measure church success? How do we gauge small Churches? Is it by attendance? Budget? Volunteers or building size?
What if small Churches don't need to feel small? 
Small Church, Big Influence is a discussion among leaders passionate about seeing Churches of any size make a more significant impact in their community despite their limitations.

Discipleship Driven Church

Have you been thinking about how to take Discipleship to the next level at your church? Or how to curate a culture of discipleship that extends beyond a program or strategy? In the Discipleship Driven Church stream we will seek answers to these questions together as we explore the tools, courses and concepts that have been helping us build discipleship culture in the churches of our movement since we last met. 
In this stream you will:

  • Learn refreshed concepts to help equip yourself and your leaders to be and make disciples.

  • Discover new tools with which to measure and teach discipleship at your church.

  • Know where/who to go to for more learning and resources to build discipleship culture in and through your people. 

We’ll also unveil the new Discipleship Menu and have a gift for each church represented. Hope to see you there! 

"Working Genius: Maximising Teamwork and Minimising Frustration"

“Wonder. Invention. Discernment. Galvanising. Enablement. Tenacity. Discover your geniuses and how you can lead more fulfilled and productively with the very simple tool of Working Genius. We’ll equip you with ways to minimise working in your frustrations and find greater satisfaction in how you lead. This isn’t just an individual tool though - its biggest impact is in the improvement of team dynamics by rapidly accelerating individual self-awareness, and drawing out the genius each person has to contribute.

Working Genius will have immediate tangible application for you and your team, as we interactively demonstrate working with Frustrations and Geniuses through typical church and community applications.To get even more from this stream, bring along some (or all) of your team members so you can see how your geniuses and frustrations are already having an impact in your church. 

Executive Leadership... 
How to lead from the middle

If you are in middle leadership you are not alone, so many church leaders are leading from the middle! The middle is a wide space somewhere between vision & real-life, strategic thought and building a team to implement it; that gap between idea and action. As a leader, the middle is more than just something you pass through on your way to somewhere else, it is a God ordained space of purpose where He wants you to succeed now…rather than waiting for ‘some day’ when you are out of the middle. 

Join Josh Hammann and Mel Hagenaar in this interactive stream as they speak not only from their own experience in executive leadership but interview Mark Zschech on what makes a great middle leader and how to move a vision forward from this space. 

Gifting not Gender… a theological and practical look at women in leadership

Why are some still confused? What does the bible say? What does ACC say? This stream will bring inspiration, biblical instruction, and impartation for cultural change and dealing with bias. With Bron Bonnell, Nev Strachan, and Margaret Stunt  

Your Second Half...
Passing your church to the next generation without losing your future

Introducing John Sikemma, a remarkable individual hailed as one of Australia's top coaches, a business entrepreneur, visionary, philanthropist, author, and communicator. John dedicates himself to assisting pastors and leaders in navigating change and transitions, empowering them to reach new heights of success. His passion lies in guiding leaders towards discovering their life's purpose, making him a true inspiration in the realm of personal growth and transformation. He is the Executive Chairman of Halftime Australia, is on numerous boards and is also non-executive Director and shareholder of LCP Global Pty Ltd.

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