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The ACC New South Wales & ACT State Executive is passionate about seeing healthy pastors and leaders. We believe healthy pastors and leaders create healthy families churches and communities.

Being a pastor or leader of a church has always been a challenging vocation, however there are a number of issues in our modern world that are making good men and women feel unsustainable in their pastor or leadership roles. Senior leaders face a complexity of roles cultural pressures and lack of margin for self-care.



Pastor’s Health Hotline

We know this last season has been a challenge, so as a State Executive we wanted to invest in your emotional and spiritual health.
So, with this in mind, we have set up a Pastors’ Health Hotline (PHH). If you call this number 02 4075 2710, Ps Marilyn Brett will be available to talk to you and help you find the right support. Marilyn is a coach, mentor and has pastored  along with her husband for 35 years.
Perhaps you need a debrief, a pastoral visit, information about counselling, supervision or mentoring – we want to help you find the best way forward.
Put this number in your phone, on your fridge or share it with a friend .
We love you, we believe in you and we know that when we have a safe place to talk, we stay healthy.

02 4075 2710

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May 17th, 2019

It happens to all of us! We build for months, years and sometimes decades with people in our churches. We disciple them, we baptize them, we encourage them to date, we marry them, we work through late nights when their teenagers are being teenagers, we even bury some of their family members, and then … without notice…

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