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Community engagement is never about the size of your church or how many community programs you have running, it is a way of thinking about the influence you already have.

Meeting needs will often default to a hand-out, engagement will result in a hand-up.



I am excited to let you know that I will be hosting another round table on the 14th September in Charnwood, ACT! 


The day will help senior church leaders, all pastors, chaplains, and those leading in the community engagement space (including those in community engagement roles in faith-based organisations) to think, be inspired and reflect upon how we reach our communities most effectively.


To register, please click here.

Would love to see you there. 


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Josh is the leader for ACC Community Engagement in NSW/ACT. Through this role he leads churches in discovering their unique purpose among the local community using the strengths and assets they do have to reach people that would never normally come to their church.

Josh lives in Wollongong NSW and has been married to Taleah for 18 years. They have 4 beautiful kids. Josh is a Senior Leader at Lighthouse Church, a church known for its community impact 7 days a week.


Josh is in his 6th season as the team chaplain to the Illawarra Hawks NBL team. He is passionate about making faith accessible to everyone and positioning the church in such a way that it makes sense to the local community around it.

Josh currently enjoys trail running, taking sunrise photos around Wollongong, and also has a podcast called ‘The Middle Man’ which helps leaders turn vision into reality.  

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