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‘Ministry Essentials (intensive) Reading List

The following resources are available to purchase directly through our State Office.


by Paul Bartlett


In this thought-provoking book, Paul Bartlett encourages us that you can have a huge influence in our community, across our town or city, and throughout the nation… and it starts on Monday.


by Samuel Chand


Dr. Samuel Chand asks ministry leaders if they perceive life's struggles to be a prison or a classroom? If a prison then life's most important lessons are missed as we seek an escape from them. Leadership Pain was written to help readers identify their challenges and develop strategies to move forward, and grow as a result of pain rather that view it as a setback.


Though many church leaders feel the pressure to project a Disney family image, be a fantastic teacher and an outstanding leader, they live in a dark world between the false self they project and the shadow of hidden motives. In Leadership Pain, Chand guides the reader to practical, effective habits that will help move leaders from the prison of struggle to the classroom of growth.


by Stephen Fogarty


Growing the individuals in your congregation is integral to growing your church. Pastors and leaders have a significant and challenging role as they seek to motivate volunteers to contribute enthusiastically and effectively to the mission of the church. The apostle Paul describes this role as being: “To equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up” (Ephesians 4:12) An essential factor in this role is that you, the leader, focus on growing the individuals who have volunteered to work with you. You must see the individual in the midst of the congregation.


by Aubrey Malphurs, Will Mancini

Training the next generation of leaders is crucial to spreading the gospel, yet most churches have no formal way of doing this. Why? Tight budgets, small staffs, and a lack of know-how are just a few reasons suggested by church consultants Aubrey Malphurs and William Mancini in this groundbreaking book.


by Bob Burns, Tasha D. Chapman, Donald C. Guthrie

To find out how pastors can thrive as well as survive, the authors undertook a five-year in-depth research project among working pastors. Here in this ground-breaking book is the distilled wisdom of dozens of pastors who have been on the front lines of ministry. We hear from them what works, what doesn’t and what distinctive issues people in ministry face.


by John Iuliano

My desire is that as you go through these studies, you will not only receive information but more importantly receive revelation about the greatness of God and what He desires to do through your life.



The following podcasts have been recommended by our State Executive.

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