Planting Pathways

Planting Pathways are the unique paths you can take to establish a church in a new location. They include:

Growth Area Church Planting 

Church planters partnering with ACC NSW/ACT to launch in our State’s fastest growing areas where the ACC is under represented.

Multisite X Church Planting

Potential and proven Apostolic leaders with calling and capacity to multiply churches.

Starting Strong Church Planting

Everybody! Especially planters launching contemporary, life giving, autonomous and campus model churches.

Indigenous Church Planting Pathway

This framework is about seeing Indigenous pastors trained and credentialed and Indigenous Churches registered and launched through a purpose built pathway.

BDC (Building a Discipleship Culture) Church Planting

Planters who want to embed discipleship (discipling towards Christ and discipling in Christ) as the culture driving and building their church.

Pastorprenuer Church Planting

This is about creating a bi-vocational pathway to planting a church and launching a business. 

Rural Church Planting

Pioneers passionate about revitalising the church in small regional towns and rural communities through planting autonomous churches and campuses.

Dual location Church Planting

Most of our Churches will be one location; only a small percentage are true multisite churches. There is a minority of churches that could be more than one location; For example, an AM service in one location and a PM service in another. This allows churches with a grace for say 100 people to repeat what they know how to build. Additionally it creates a space to innovate and experiment with a new style of church.                                 

Blank Canvas Church Planting

Pioneers and innovators looking to launch the churches of tomorrow, today.

Next Steps

Got a question? Thinking next steps? Ready to launch? Email us now and let’s start the conversation!