The NSW Department of Education is committed to creating quality learning opportunities for children and young people. This includes strengthening their physical, social, emotional and spiritual development. (Wellbeing Framework, April 2015

ACC NSW considers SRE (Scripture) an exceptional privilege. It is a great way to be involved in your local community as you assist children and young people to engage with the faith of their family and contribute to their holistic development as a person. Working in our Public Schools (Primary and Secondary) is a unique space and it is important that all ACC people comply with the responsibilities and privileges ACC NSW has as an Approved Provider of SRE.

SRE Requirements

All ACC NSW SRE teachers must be Authorised by ACC NSW. To be authorised SRE Teachers must complete an application form and:

  1. Have a current WWCC (Working With Children Check).
  2. Complete Safer Churches training and update this every three years.
  3. Complete SRE training before commencing any teaching. Please note that paid High School SRE teachers must complete a certificate course.
  4. Complete SRE refresher course every three years. This must cover: Department of Education Policy and Implementation Procedures, Classroom Management and Techniques, Implementation of the Curriculums, Creative Teaching and Learning, and Duty of Care. NB. ACC NSW recognises training that covers the Basic Training Framework as outlined by ICCOREIS ( NB. Paid SRE teachers require a certificate in SRE unless RPL is granted.
  5. Use an ACC NSW approved SRE curriculum as outlined below. These curriculums are generally approved for use in Combined Arrangements (ie Combined Christian SRE).
  6. In combined arrangements (ie teaching joint-denominational SRE), provide the school with a list of the names and contact details of local representatives and teachers BEFORE commencement of SRE using the cross-authorisation form below.
  7. Provide schools with their Date of Birth, schools will check each SRE teacher against the Department’s NTBE (not to be employed) database.
  8. When in school grounds, wear the name badge provided by ACC NSW SRE. If name badge is lost, application can be made for a replacement badge for a small fee.
  9. Provide photo identification as requested by the school.
  10. Under 18 year old young people who assist in SRE must complete an Under 18 Years authorisation form which includes a signature from a relevant Department of Education employee at the school they are seeking to be involved in SRE.

For more information in regards to Department of Education policy and procedures, Training and Curriculum, follow the links below:

Religious Education Procedures


Department of Education code of conduct (SRE teachers should be aware of its content and abide by it)

Bullying/Preventing and Responding

Department of Education & Training (audiovisual materials)

Department of Education Social Media Policy

SRE Teacher Training (Paid & Volunteer)

Teaching Christian Faith in the Classroom‘ (TCFC) Certificate level course for PAID SRE teachers.

For training contact Barbara Scott:

NSW ACC approves the following curriculums for use in SRE classes. Follow the links below to the scope and sequence charts. These curriculums are reviewed every five years. (Years ending with 0 and 5.)

For further information about the content of lessons contact Barbara Scott,

Ps Barbara Scott
Ps Barbara Scott
ACC SRE (Scripture)

0411 869 804

ACC SRE Upcoming Events

Friday 31, January
ACC SRE Training (Refresher)
10:00am - 12:00pm
Imagine Nations Church
1 Simeon Road, Orchard Hills, NSW 2748

Saturday 1, February
ACC SRE Training (Full Course)
9:30am - 3:30pm
Imagine Nations Church
1 Simeon Road, Orchard Hills, NSW 2748