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This book challenges ministry leaders to perceive life's struggles not as a prison, but as a classroom. Dr Samuel Chand helps leaders to develop practical, effective habits that release them from the pressure of maintaining an ideal facade, and help them instead to use pain for growth.


Publisher Description: Dr. Samuel Chand asks ministry leaders if they perceive life's struggles to be a prison or a classroom? If a prison then life's most important lessons are missed as we seek an escape from them. Leadership Pain was written to help readers identify their challenges and develop strategies to move forward, and grow as a result of pain rather that view it as a setback.


Though many church leaders feel the pressure to project a Disney family image, be a fantastic teacher and an outstanding leader, they live in a dark world between the false self they project and the shadow of hidden motives. In Leadership Pain, Chand guides the reader to practical, effective habits that will help move leaders from the prison of struggle to the classroom of growth.

Leadership Pain: the Classroom for Growth by Samuel Chand

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